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Pandoor Premium Top Touch Beige

Pandoor Premium Top Touch Beige

Цена: 900

в   корзину

Wing: Stumpfkant (straight, non-grained kent), the wing is coated with 2 formica panels (no MDF), and painted with a color in an acrylic UV oven that does not change its color over time, matching kent on 3 sides of the wing, at the bottom of the door a thick polymer kent (up to 7 "m) for resistance against water.
Door filled with flexboard. The door comes with a magnetic lock and adjustable hidden hinges.
Premium WPC polymer frame: rigid WPC polymer frame that is waterproof and pest-resistant, with a sponge seal
coated. The frame is grooved on both sides for the fastening of the dressings.
WPC polymeric coverings of the Verona model: front about 10 cm wide, side hinges about 8 cm wide, in the shade
Same as the transom.