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Shiryonit Hosem Doors SL-2030

Shiryonit Hosem Doors SL-2030

Цена: 3500

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SL Basic Entry Doors
The BASIC door was the beginning of success for SUPERLOCK Shiryonit Hosem.
These entry doors, the initial design of SUPERLOCK Shiryonit Hosem more than 30 years ago, are the strong basis upon which dozens of unique prestigious models were developed.
The BASIC doors, characterized by a strong stable infrastructure, are now sold in 30 countries worldwide.
Throughout the years, these doors were modified, strengthened and improved. Today they are the primary front doors in projects of construction companies, as well as governmental institutions worldwide. The 2000 BASIC doors provide solutions to private users, construction companies and public institutions.
The BASIC doors are manufactured with smooth PVC lamination, designed lamination, as well as electrostatic coloring.